The Shocking Truth About Journalism (Part 1 of 3)

Balanced journalism – a hoax? At a recent visit to a friend of mine in Dresden, Germany, I encountered the PEGIDA movement on the streets and that got me thinking about journalism and bias. One slogan especially caught my attention; it seemed to be repeated at every demonstration: “Lügenpresse.” As curious as I was, trying to understand what brings so many people to the streets in Germany, a quick Google search enlightened me that it is literally translated to “lie media.” While I certainly do not agree with most of PEGIDA’s goals and values, I thought they might have a point with this argument. Is media really infested with lies? Are PEGIDA’s accusations against the media valid? I found that allegations against the media’s objectivity have become more and more sound among not only the German population, but also the world. Continue reading “The Shocking Truth About Journalism (Part 1 of 3)”